The Gospel and the Mission of the Church [7-4-16]

Posted on Jul 04, 2016 - 05:34 AM


In the fall of 1994 I gave a lecture at Christian Theological Seminary's annual Focus on Ministry, a three-day conference for ministers. I entitled the lecture as The Gospel and the Mission of the Church: Signs of the Church's True Identity. As I reread the lecture recently, it became apparent that it is in fact a brief statement of the heart of my 2002 book, A Grammar of Christian Faith: Systematic Explorations in Christian Life and Doctrine, 2 vols., Rowman  and Littlefield. I hope readers of this website find this compact statement about the church and its theological tasks useful.


http://grammaroffaith.com/images/uploads/11_3_94 FOM Lecture single space.pdf


Peace, Joe


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