Speaking of God: An Epistolary Exchange with Stephen Long in 2010

Posted on Sep 14, 2011 - 06:38 AM

Professor D. Stephen Long, theologian at Marguette University, published Speaking of God: Theology, Language, and Truth [Eerdmans, 2009] in which, among many other controversial explorations, made a few critical comments about my A Grammar of Christian Faith. In 2010 we had a lively e-mail exchange, which is included herein. It should prove interesting to persons concerned with the huge disagreements among Christians in the last two hundred years concerning appropriate and truthful God-talk, including issues concerning Trinitarian and Christological conceptualities and the role of metaphysical considerations, as well as some reminiscing about the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein and the so-called ‘Yale School’ of Post-Liberal Theology. Extended discussions of classical theism, process theism, and other movements and persons in contemporary theology are explored and debated.

Professor Long, an ordained Methodist minister, previously taught systematic theology at Garrett-Evangelical Seminary. He has published several other important books in theology and ethics: Divine Economy: Theology and the Market [Routledge Press, 2000]; The Goodness of God: Theology, Church and the Social Order [Brazos Press, 2001]; John Wesley’s Moral Theology: The Quest for God and Goodness [Kingswood Press, 2005]; Theology and Culture [Cascade Books, 2008].

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