This Past Year Must Not Be Repeated in the New Year! [1-1-18]

I wrote this piece a couple of weeks ago. Brooded over it. Posting now with raw misgivings, disarming sadness, but some glimmers of hope.

Dear Friends:

In the violent and hateful culture in which we live today, neighbors can seem likeenemies, and except for me andthee our ungovernability has become deadly in states and nations. Animosity, even that evident in my own words, is pervasive. I gag daily at the news, another Trumpian abandonment of civility, a retreat to lies. And some think Jesus is really on their side and their hatreds are founded on scripture, sacred and otherwise. In our fears, one gun is not enough, surely a rapid-fire rifle will be even better at protection and killing those others who are metaphysical enemies, as they dance and sing and imbibe spirits of destruction. We cannot blame Trump for all of this, but he is the Machiavellian maestro who celebrates chaos and ungovernability. He seems to justify our hatreds, whether on the right or the left and justifies our polluted hearts and minds. Yes, yes, he is the demonic one who makes the doing of evil so justifiably attractive and cruel.


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Thanksgiving, Maybe? [11-24-17]


Thanksgiving is a distinctive American holiday/celebration now wavering under historical battles and assaults. Just hand over the holiday to commercial interests and forget the nostalgic rigamarole. Well, I cannot quite do that. Trump irritates me because he undermines any caring about the truth. American history is full of lies, often deadly lives, but we do not celebrate them. You do not have to think of Thanksgiving as a distintively Christian celebration. But I do care and Thanksgiving still has resonance and sadnesa and hope.

Krugman and Brooks seem to meto ring the bell in just the truthful and right way.

You should be able to click on each and get a printable copy.

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    Dororthy’s Post Corrected, New Subscribers, and Grammar Site Map [11/17/17]

    Dorothy’s Post, New Subscribers, and Grammar Site Map

    My recent post on Dorothy Messenger as Saint said what I wanted to say but the formatting was clumsy. It was all my fault and indicative of my own aging and confusions and awkwardness. I had failed to take account of new Mac software recently installed. I made at least two mistakes in writing and posting: 1) I wrote the posting over a week of mistakes, re-writes, and 2) I intended posting it as a Blog but accidently hit the Essay/Writings post. When the text got posted many mistakes showed up and were uncorrectable by me. I haven’t made such mistakes before and my every effort to correct and repost failed. I was beset by the frustrations of aging! Below I will attempt to post clear copy to this message.

    I have been surprised by the number of new subscribers whose names seem unfamiliar to me. Apparently some of you regular subscribers have been re-posting some writings on your own web-connections, which has encouraged a few to subscribe here. That is good!

    It might be helpful to new subscribers for me…

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    Not Dead Yet, But Charging Ahead More Slowly 9-14-17

    Not Dead Yet, But Charging Ahead More Slowly



    It is hard to get up much writing-steam when your beloved spouse of 58 years slowly dies of

    a disorienting and untreatable brain disease. And my own capacity for charging-on has

    been complicated by a heart disorder and the implantation of a heart-stint. Lots of falls and

    other misanthropic misfortunes led me in April to move from our spacey cottage in the

    Epworth Villa Residential Community in OKC into an apartment in its main building.

    Even though Sadie went with me, it has taken me a long time to get settled into a new

    habitat without Sarah.


    Even with…

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    Healing the Spiritual Pain of America: We Need a New Common Narrative of Who We are as a Country


    Friends: Our daughter, Dr. Serene Jones, President of Union Theological Seminary in New York City and Johnston Family Professor for Religion and Democracy wrote following article for on September 7, 2016. It is strong and clear and I hope my readers will profit from it.


    How to Heal the Spiritual Pain of America:

    We Need a New Comonn Narrative about Who We Are as a Country.


    Over the past year, streams of commentaries have analyzed the ferocious and alarming combat marking this year’s presidential campaign. Few among them, however, include wide-ranging spiritual or theological accounts of what is transpiring. From where I sit, as a religious and spiritual leader, I see it as the manifestation of a profound spiritual crisis in our nation, one grounded in a deeply distorted view of ourselves, and our past and future.


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