Video Of Charley Rose Interview of Serene Jones [2-8-16]


In mid-December of 2015 our daughter Serene Jones, President of Union Theological Seminary in NYC and Johnston Family Professor of Religion and Democracy, was interviewed by Charlie Rose,  nationally known television commentator on CBS and host of a weekly TV program of interviews with interesting public figures. It was a grand engagement between the two, and I intended to post the video of the interview promptly. But I ran into technical difficulties that have now been resolved. The interview is a gem.

Serene is also the current President of the American Academy of Religion, the largest organization of professors teaching religion in the U.S. and was formerly Titus Street Professor of Theology at Yale Divinity School. She has published numerous books and articles, including  Calvin and the Rhetoric of Piety, 1995; Feminist Theory and Christian Theology: Cartographies of Grace, 2000; Trauma and Grace: Theology in a Ruptured World, 2009. In 2010 she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters by her undergraduate alma mater, the University of Oklahoma.

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Reader Responses

Hyla Glover

responded on 02/09/16

Dear Joe,
I just listened to Serene and Charlie Rose.  I am so impressed by her.  She is so much the daughter of Sarah and you…...her intelligence shines through.  I intend to listen to this again before sharing my thoughts on it with your Grammar Of Faith site.

Charles Ragland

responded on 02/09/16

Joe, what an engaging and profound interview. Serene offers hope for redemption of our nation and world after she pictures with deft strokes some signals of the virulent “sickness unto death” that threatens to consume us. Please confirm: Was “Kierkegaard?” one of her earliest words?   

Lisa Wynn

responded on 02/09/16

I was 30 when I first heard of Kierkegaard. Amazing story to hear that she knew this name at age 2. So much wisdom distilled in these short 15 minutes. You must be so very proud.

Susan M. Clark

responded on 02/10/16

Inspiring, an answer to prayer, a sane voice in the political rhetoric. . . I had been thinking about moving to Canada if this election turns out badly, but perhaps I’ll stay . . .

Richard Hamm

responded on 02/27/16

What a marvelous interview, Joe! Serene faces many challenges at Union, I know, but her priorities are obvious in this interview. She is aptly named, though her passion clearly shows alongside her serenity. What a terrific witness to love and justice. 


responded on 03/22/16

Time to face the music armed with this great inntfmaoior.

Amy Anderson Sergent

responded on 04/01/16

This was so special and powerful. I’m so touched by her passion, her beautiful heart, and her love of family.
I know my dad would have loved watching this and he would have called me to discuss all she shared!
Please take care and we hope to visit with you again soon! Blessings to all of you.