Mistakes, New Computer, and New Book [6/21/13]



Recently I bought a new iMac 27” to replace my 6 year old iMac 24” in the anticipation of new writings and work on my computer. In ways I should have anticipated but did not, the new iMac’s software represented an advance beyond my powers of discernment, resulting in spending over 10 hours in the last few days talking with Apple technicians trying to help me delete old files and learn new software. It has been frustrating.

Completely unanticipated was the effect of the new Apple software on my web site settings. It became slowly apparent that I could not open some of the attachments to files in the ‘writings’ section of the site. In attempting to work around that problem, I deleted some files and tried to start a new file. But even that did not work. It took many more hours for Apple to help me understand and change those settings.

Unfortunately, one of my ‘new’ files, which seemed unopenable, became a file that my web site software interpreted as a ‘new’ writing and therefore ready to send to my subscribers. I had forgotten about that web site setting. And that is what you received in the early hours of Friday morning. Sorry about that, though some of you were still able to open it. I will reconstitute that file and get it posted in the near future.

Good news is that Cascade Books has agreed to publish a new collection of my writings, old and new, under the title A Lover’s Quarrel: A Theologian and His Beloved Church. First draft needs to be in publisher’s hands by July 15th. It is virtually done.

I will be sharing more about this new book in the near future.

And might you believe that my Oklahoma City Classen High School class of 1954 is celebrating its almost 60th class reunion Friday and Saturday!



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Hyla Glover

responded on 06/22/13

Joe, that’s so wonderful about the new book.  Enjoy your reunion.  We will speak soon.  Hyla


responded on 06/22/13

Live long and prosper, Joe.