Climate Change and the Ambiguities and Beauty of Life [5-21-15]


Yes, it is true that almost invariably my day starts—very early, I confess—reading hurriedly through the online version of the New York Times. It is a long-term habit. And, if you are a subscriber to my website, then you also know I sometimes call your attention to articles that seemed discerning, upbuilding, and occasionally entertaining. Well, here are a couple of recent articles that I think are worth your time to read and to ponder

The Stone section in the Times is that place where folks often called ‘philosophers’ write and argue about perennial and current issues of life and death, of meaning and despair, of social/political  and personal patterns of living and dying. Recently that section of the Times contained a lucid and honest conversation about climate change and life on this planet between Gary Gutting, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame and Dale Jamieson, Professor of Environmental Studies and Philosophy at New York University on “What Can We Do About Climate Change?” It is sobering and worth your time.

Roger Cohen is an OP-ED Columnist for the NYTimes and in the past I have posted some of his previous writings. His utter elegance in style and vocabulary, the lilt and bite of his phrases, and the deep humanity and sometimes harsh tenderness of his insights have sobered me often over the years. If the following column of his does not touch some deep places in your heart, well go back to the sports news.

If you send comments through the process below, I would like to see some discussion of either or both of these articles.



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Steve Kindle

responded on 05/22/15

Cohen’s article is a needed cautionary tale to the incidents in Ferguson, et al.  Sure, the investigation found that the protestors were misinformed about the victim being shot with his hands up. No matter. Their arms were raised on behalf of all the innocent black victims of lynching, trumped up charges, and profiling perpetrated against them over the years. The past was very present in Ferguson and should not be lost in the present details.

Shana Fields

responded on 05/22/15

I liked the Climate Change article. I think we need more articles like it until things start to change. It’s really sad that we seem to not care when we know and witness changes… sad for future generations who are going to have to deal with our indifference. I have written articles to our local paper and pay extra every month to use green energy. I think it is so important.