A Lover’s Quarrel: A Theologian and His Beloved Church [1/21/14]


I am pleased to announce that my new book, A Lover’s Quarrel: A Theologian and His Beloved Church is now available from the publisher, Cascade Books of Wipf & Stock Publishers. It is a collection of some previously published writings, mostly since 2006, a selection of blogs, subject to some revisions, and several pieces not previously in print. I think it would be quite useable as a book of differing styles of theological writings that might be stimulating for group discussions.

It can be ordered at

It is always good to hear from you. Responses welcomed now or whenever you might get around to taking a look at the book.


A Lover’s Quarrel: A Theologian and His Beloved Church

Table of Contents

 Foreward by Stanley Hauerwas   ix

Preface     xiii

Acknowledgements      xix

Introduction     xxi

Part One: Ecumenical Theologizing with Ecclesial Friends

1.   The Shape and Contours of the Christian Life    3   

2.    On Being the Church of Jesus Christ       14

3.     Spiritual Formation and Christian Discourse:ThShaping Powerof Christian Discourse     23

4.     Salvation:Mapping the Salvific Themes of Christian Faith     37

5.     Yoder and Stone-Campbellites: Sorting the Grammar of Radical Orthodoxy and Radical Discipleship     54

6.     World Communion Sunday: Why?     77

Part Two: On Being Mugged by Politics but Lifted by Gospel Hope

7.      Venturing into Blogging  87

8.      Following Jesus and Worshipping Jesus in RivalrousTimes     89

9.       Capitalism,Democracy, and Health Care: A Response toFamily and Friends      

10.    Narratives:Sociopolitical, Personal, Perhaps Theological?  99

11.    How Might We Get On with Politics—but Who Are We?    106

12.    A Letter to the Churches After 9/11/2011     107

13.    Troublings:Campaign Rhetoric, Voting, Democracy, andTruth-Telling    111

14.    Our American Agony         114

Part Three:Fragments from Times Past and Emerging Hope

15.    SpiritualNotes on Growing Up in Oklahoma 119

16.    A YDS Reflection:Remembrance of Things Past and Present Discontent      143

17.    Spinoza,H. Richard Niebuhr, and Ben and Me         152

18.    Owen Died, K. Died, Bodies Age, Madge Writes a ChristmasLetter       155

19.    In Transition but Hopeful        158

20.    On Hearing a Sermon            161

Part Four: Sermons Ventured on Behalf of the Witness of the Beloved Church

 21.   On Being Identified as Ambassadors for Christ          167

 22.   Jesus,the Family, and the Summons of the Kingdom 174

 23.   Behold, the Lamb of God     182

 24.   Remembering a Friend: Charles E. Jones         189

 25.   Purity of Heart and the Vicissitudes of Aging   193

 26.   In Gratitude for Gary Byrkit: Pastor Theologian Par Excellence    197







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Reader Responses

Charles Ragland

responded on 01/22/14

Joe, congratulations! I look forward to diving into your latest. Thank you for offering them to us.
Shalom to you and to Sarah.