This website was originally established in 2002 in conjunction with the publication of my book, A Grammar of Christian Faith: Systematic Explorations in Christian Life and Doctrine, 2 vols., Rowman & Littlefield, 2002. A collection of my essays and other writings, On Being the Church of Jesus Christ in Tumultuous Times, was published in 2005 and another collection, A Lover's Quarrel: A Theologian and His Beloved Church, 2014. 

The purpose of this site is 1) to encourage folk to read and engage the primary themes of these books; 2) to provide a place to post some previous and new essays and some miscellaneous postings such as sermons, prayers, talks, notes; 3) to establish a blog for posting ongoing commentary on the multifaceted Christian witness to and engagement with the cultures and politics of our contemporary worlds; and 4) to post some responses to my books and the writings on this website.

In short, this website intends to encourage conversation concerning the proper and truthful grammar of the church’s witness to the triune God. I am hopeful the site will be upbuilding for folk earnest about the Christian life and challenging for folk simply curious about how Christian discourses and practices shape human belief, emotions, and actions.

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A Lover’s Quarrel: A Theologian and His Beloved Church

A Lover’s Quarrel: A Theologian and His Beloved Church

Joe Jones, a retired and well-known systematic theologian, confesses…

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